Scotland – 2018

DaveScotlandThis summer’s vacation took me to Scotland.

Though I had purchased a rain coat specifically for this trip, it and my umbrella remained unused over the two weeks. The weather was fantastic. Mornings and evenings were cool but once the sun came out it was a bit warm at times. We had a few cloudy days, but most were clear and sunny. You couldn’t ask for better weather.

Being so far north, it was still light out when I went to bed and light when I got up in the morning. Thank goodness the hotels had good black-out drapes.

After looking at several tours I settled on one that made a loop around the whole country.

Globus Scotland

Our hotels in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness were all centrally located which was great for wandering around during our free time. Glasgow isn’t as much of a historic city as Edinburgh though I found a great mural tour and spent many hours wandering the city to view them.


Honey…I shrunk the kids

The hotels in the other towns were a mix of big and small with several being a bit quirky. Some were crafted out of multiple buildings or had additions over the years. This once meant going down two flights of stairs, down a hall, up a half flight of stairs and then another little hall to get to my room. These hotels didn’t have air conditioning, but the windows opened and the rooms stayed comfortable.

The tour was a mix of cities, churches, castles, prehistoric sites and lots of beautiful countryside. And of course the obligatory brewery and whiskey distillery…with sampling included.


Orkney Island Brewery

Over the course of the two weeks we were on 6 ferries. Some passenger only and others with our bus. Fortunately the water was calm for all of them.

Below is a selection of photos from the trip. If you click on any image it will open a slideshow.

Dates: May 24 – June 8, 2018

Operator: Globus