Zimbabwe & Botswana – 2015


Prior to my Namibia trip I took a pre-trip to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. I was joined by my friends Sylvia and Cindy from Menlo Park, CA. They brought along my “new friend” Janie with them.

We started with 2 nights at an airport hotel in Johannesburg to recover from the flight. On our free day we visited the Lion Park in Johannesburg. The photo above was visiting the baby lions.

From there we flew to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for 3 nights. After arriving we had lunch at our hotel and headed straight for the falls. Unfortunately I forgot the mosquito repellent and became a feast for chiggers. I had dozens of bites on both ankles though they pretty much were gone by the time I headed home.

On our second day in Victoria Falls we started with a trip to a local grocery store. With shopping carts in had we purchased staples for 4 families in a local village. Items on the list included laundry soap (odd looking long green bars for hand washing), beans, rice, salt, sugar, vegetables, sweets for the kids and other things. The families were really grateful. One woman was almost in tears since she had run out of laundry soap and was now able to wash clothes for her family.

On our final day we took a day trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana. This included a game drive, lunch and an afternoon cruise on the Zambezi River. We saw several animals here that we wouldn’t encounter in Namibia.

My Namibia album can be found here.

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