India – 2014

My Christmas and New Year adventure took me to Northern India. It was quite an experience. The flights there and back were a grueling 18 and 22 hours but I treated myself to business class and managed to get a little sleep each way.

I arrived at my New Delhi hotel at about 3 AM on December 19th and spent the next day simply relaxing before the tour began. There were 15 travelers in our group. Once we got started it was non-stop until January 3rd. I’ve been to many places but never experienced such crazy traffic in my life…2 lane roads with 4 lanes of vehicles. Everything from buses to cars to bicycles to tuk tuks to camel drawn carts all trying to get through.

Overall the weather was good though there was fog many mornings. Once if burned off I felt great wearing shorts. There were a few days it didn’t burn off any my legs were a bit cool. Unfortunately the day we visited the Taj Mahal the fog was so thick you couldn’t see a thing. I did purchase a funny Photoshopped picture of our group in front of the Taj…foggy faces placed in front of a bright and sunny Taj.

Due to three internal flights our checked luggage was limited to 33 pounds. That was a bit of a challenge, but laundry was convenient in the hotels.

We experienced many modes of transportation during the trip…bus, airplane, rickshaw, train, balloon, elephant, taxi and truck.

As a true beef eater I wasn’t sure how I would manage in a country that is mostly vegetarian. According to my scale when I returned that wasn’t a problem. We had a variety of food throughout and it was all wonderful. I especially loved the bread called naan. We had a wonderful Christmas dinner outside on the patio at our hotel near Ranthmbore National Park and New Year’s Eve dinner at our hotel in Varanasi.

One of my favorite things along the way were the signs. From odd misspellings to odd sayings they were quite entertaining.

Dates: Dec 19, 2014 – Jan 3, 2015
Tour Operator: Overseas Adventure Travel

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