While traveling in Ireland I spotted this monument near my hotel in Belfast and stopped to take a look. The inscription really spoke to me and enforced by love for traveling the world.



Down a wandering path
I have travelled,
Where the setting sun
Lies upon the ground.
The tracks are hard and dry
Smothered with
The weather’s wear,
My mind did move
With them that had
Before me seen,
Trodding down the ground
A track for me to follow,
Leaving marks for others
A sign for them to follow.

~David Dudgeon (Belfast artist and poet) 1999

According to Wikipedia:

One thousand “Millennium Mileposts” made from cast iron were funded by the Royal Bank of Scotland to mark the creation of the National Cycle Network, and these are found along the NCN routes throughout the UK.

There are four different types: “Fossil Tree” (designed by John Mills), “The Cockerill” (designed by Iain McColl), “Rowe Type” (designed by Andrew Rowe), and “Tracks” (designed by David Dudgeon). The four artists are from each country of the UK, though all posts can be found in all four countries.