Murals and Street Art of Amman Jordan

On my trip to Jordan in May 2022 I arrived a few days before my tour was scheduled to begin. This was partly to recover from jet lag, but I also wanted to take a couple of street art tours in Amman.

I joined a local company called Underground Amman and took their downtown tour my first afternoon and a tour in the working-class neighborhood of Hashmi Il-Shamalia neighborhood away from the city center the next morning. These tours certainly didn’t disappoint. The guide we had provided background about several of the murals. An interesting thing I learned was that in Jordan the majority of the artists creating the large murals were women.

The downtown tour started fairly close to my Amman hotel though ended a bit away. To get back to the hotel I used Uber which worked great.

For the Hashmi Il-Shamalia I took an Uber there. While on our tour we actually met one of the local artists who happened to be there to do an adjustment to a mural he had just completed. It was very interesting to speak with him. At the end of the tour he gave me, a couple other people on the tour and the guide a ride in his car back to downtown Amman. From there it was a shorter Uber back to the hotel.

I’m looking forward to my next mural tour…wherever that may be.

Vaccinations Matter

I’m so thrilled to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and hope everyone will get theirs as soon as humanly possible. We can beat this pandemic but all have to work together to make it happen. Please do your part. Vaccinations save lives…not just yours, but those around you.

Brixen Water Light Festival

I was fortunate to be in Brixen Italy during their Water Light Festival. The festival ran from May 9 – 25, 2019 and each night from 9 – 12 PM there were various displays throughout the city center. While they had a map, they also strung green fiber cable above the streets that you could follow from display to display. The highlight were the colorful flying fish that moved to music in front of the Brixen Cathedral.

Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail

On my recent trip to Glasgow I spent some time wandering the city to look at the wonderful murals they have. Here is a selection covering many of them.

The Mural Trail website with map is found at:

Tombs of the Nobles

Images on the walls of the Tombs of the Nobles at the Thebean Necropolis near Luxor. The colors were just amazing. Guides were allowed to accompany us in these Tombs. The tomb guardians were so funny. NO PHOTOS ALLOWED signs were posted. The minute we got in they “suggested” we take a few pic…but don’t tell our guide…and give them some backsheesh (tips). A good time was had by all.