Murals and Street Art of Amman Jordan

On my trip to Jordan in May 2022 I arrived a few days before my tour was scheduled to begin. This was partly to recover from jet lag, but I also wanted to take a couple of street art tours in Amman.

I joined a local company called Underground Amman and took their downtown tour my first afternoon and a tour in the working-class neighborhood of Hashmi Il-Shamalia neighborhood away from the city center the next morning. These tours certainly didn’t disappoint. The guide we had provided background about several of the murals. An interesting thing I learned was that in Jordan the majority of the artists creating the large murals were women.

The downtown tour started fairly close to my Amman hotel though ended a bit away. To get back to the hotel I used Uber which worked great.

For the Hashmi Il-Shamalia I took an Uber there. While on our tour we actually met one of the local artists who happened to be there to do an adjustment to a mural he had just completed. It was very interesting to speak with him. At the end of the tour he gave me, a couple other people on the tour and the guide a ride in his car back to downtown Amman. From there it was a shorter Uber back to the hotel.

I’m looking forward to my next mural tour…wherever that may be.